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Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller

KEW Engg & Mfg Pvt. Ltd. superior manufacturer of different type of Rubber Roller. Various type of Rubber Roller like P U Roller, Ebonite Rollers, Hypalon Roller with a high-quality rubber material. Also, other Rollers and Rolls like Guide Roll, Metal Roll, Brush Roller with different size and width depending on your machine. Industry-specific Rubber Rollers for Flexible Packaging, Paper, Film, Textile and many more. Rubber Roller Manufacturer like Industrial Roller, Printing Roller, and Textile Roller.

Standard Features

Rubber Roller

Various type of Coating for Rubber Rollers like Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Hypolone Rubber, Silicon Rubber, Ebonite Rubber. Rubber Rolls generally used and designed of various industry-specific use for, Pharmaceutical, Drugs-Medicine, FMCG-Food, Fabric, Leather, Jute, Sugar and many more. High-quality rubber on desired size and width of rolls. We have been manufacturing and exporting all types of Rubber Rolls for various industries and slitter rewinder machine


Technical Specification

Various types of Rubber roller manufacturer Sizes: Diameter up to 750 mm Length: Up to 9000 mm
Roll Coating Chart:

 Types of Coating


Nitril Rubber


Neoprene Rubber


Hypolone Rubber


Silicon Rubber


Ebonite Rubber




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